Monday, 12 January 2015


I've always been a very solitary person. I love to be on my own. I think that's where my deep love for the open, deserted expanse of the American West landscapes comes from. My favourite part of No Country For Old Men is the beginning when Llewelyn is alone in the wilderness. When i watch it I just wish I was there doing the same thing. I used to go out exploring on my own all the time. If only I'd had this blog back then there'd be a million adventure posts!

Back in York recently I went off to take some outfit photos in a field me and Ben used to go walking through when we were first together and I noticed this 'abandoned' barn in the distance. I can't find any info about it and I don't know if it is actually abandoned or not but it looked fascinating to me. It's funny, Ben had been playing Red Dead Redemption that morning and this looked like it was straight out the game. I didn't go in because the ground inside looked quite wet and muddy and I was wearing my new Timberland's so I just took exterior photos. 

Walking back I just felt so at peace. Like I'd really satisfied a need to be alone. I've probably been craving it without really realising it, what with adopting a new lifestyle of going to work and coming home and paying bills and trying to fit everyone in. This is gonna be one of my goals for this year, I must do more solitary exploring.


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