Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Project 365 Week 1

Hey guys, 'tis the season for a project 365! I've been planning to start one on the 1st of January for a while and I was half expecting to completely forget but I haven't, so it's got off to a good start so far.
I really enjoy looking at other people's 365 projects, it's interesting to see snippets of people's lives and it definitely looks fun to do. So here's my first week. 

Day 1: Starting the year off with my favourite breakfast, Ben's homemade scotch pancakes!

Day 2: My NYE nails. Midnight blue with a glittery top coat.

Day 3: Had my scalp burned off at the hairdressers. Complete with plastic bag on head. Painful day.

Day 4: Lovely visit from Nikki and Sion (on Nikki's new bike that she designed. There's an article about it here.)

Day 5: Went to stay at mum's for the weekend and saw those dowgs again!

Day 6: Finally put a tea light in my Orla Kiely tea light holder. Looks so nice!

Day 7: Some generous souls at work. I love it when this happens!

Quote of the week:

"It does look nice n'all, but Charlotte, you can't come to work with a different hair colour and not have the piss taken out of you. We'll stop when we run out of new material."

This was followed by the likes of:

"Since when did me nana start working here?!"
"Are you planning on doing a sequel, 'cos Frozen was quite good."

and not forgetting this gem:

"Did it go awry or was that the colour you were going for?"

Sigh. I brought this on myself.


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