Sunday, 14 December 2014

Raiding Mum's Wardrobe

I used to love looking through my mum's wardrobe when I was younger. She has a thing for purple and velvet so it all seemed very funky to me, it's also where her vast shoe collection is. I've learnt from her to always keep the box so they stay in good condition when you put them away. Now that I'm older, and have grown up to have the same shoe size (yesss!) it's all the more fun to have a look through those boxes. 

This vintage fur coat , fake of course, is really special to me. Again, it's from my mum's wardrobe and it's one that she bought from a catalogue in the 70's when she was 23 and now I'm wearing it at 23! I love that it's got a history within the family. If I have a daughter and she ends up having the same style as me I'll make sure to save it for her too.

Come to think of it this whole outfit is vintage. The shoes will no doubt have been bought twenty years or so ago and the dress you've seen before here and is from a vintage shop here in Sheffield. I wore this dress so much when we were in Brussels, I'm transported back every time I wear it now!

Coat - Vintage
Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Vintage

On another note, I love how white my hair looks in these photos but alas it's not quite as light as that in reality. Must have been the natural daylight. This is the kind of pearl blonde that I'm aiming for though so I'm not far off now, one more dye I reckon, hopefully in time for Christmas!


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