Thursday, 11 December 2014

Five Favourite Reads

Hey guys, you no doubt need a break from all that buying, wrapping and card writing so have a sit down and check out some of these.

I love a good food blog. I must admit I pine for and plan to make far more recipes than I actually ever do. I'm still hoping for the Great British Bake Off book for Christmas though! Minimalist Baker has so many awesome dishes, such as this mousse pie. Mousse in the form of a pie. Of course.

Wish I Knew by Rachel-Marie at Jag Lever

Not the first time you've seen Rachel-Marie on here and no doubt the last with outfits like these. I love these shorts, not sure I could pull off those shoes though, they are craaazy!

Outfit: High Waisted Suspender Pants with a Striped Shirt and Silver Oxfords by Jamie at Petite Panoply

This is such a great example of Jamie's fun, laid back style. Very cute trousers and perfect with the striped top. Very glam.

Take A Risk by Mira at Yliarvostettua

I don't even have the words for this one. I can't get over this coat, I would absolutely LOVE one for myself. This look is so sophisticated and bewitching. She really pulls off glamourous gothic.

The Spam Comment Diaries by Kerri at Crumbs In The Bed

Oh man. If you missed this post then here you go, read it now. I laughed out loud to some of these spam comments that Kerri's had. There are some absolute gems in this list. I've never seen anything like them before. I hope one day my blog will be worthy of comments like these!

Now get back to wrapping, not long to go now!


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