Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Very Blonde Debacle

If you think this is bad, you should have seen what colour it was earlier! Haha, nah I'm only joking I am actually pleased with it...then I'm not...then I am again. One thing's for sure it's a God damn miracle it got to this colour at all! I did what I always do when DIY dying and got scared half way through that it was gonna be completely white - it was a super platinum one to really lift it seeing as I hadn't had much luck in previous attempts - and washed it off too early. Mother was there with the "Charlotte, no, it'll be brassy, it wont have lifted!" 

My how I wished I'd listened, I would have been overjoyed with bright white hair rather than the YELLOW BRASS I was left with. Guys, it was so bad, like Bart Simpson's arse yellow. 
But it just so happened that mum had an ashy pearl blonde lying around that's what mum's are for! which I put on straight after and luckily it took out the majority of the yellow. Though I do still catch a glimpse of it hear and there. 

It's still not quite at the desired colour but it's getting there. I must say I actually really don't like how it looks in these photos! They make it look so yellow still but it's a lot less offensive in person I'd say. Well that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Just an extra word about these boots, I freaking love them and I don't wear them enough. 

 Jacket - New Look old
Shirt - Gok Wan for Sainsbury's old
Jeans - Top Shop
Brooch - Vintage


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