Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Five Favourite Reads

Home, Sweet, Abandoned Home by Kaylah at The Dainty Squid

I'd be surprised if you told me Kaylah isn't on your reading list. Endlessly interesting. Here's one of her abandoned posts that's full of soulful solitude and some really excellent photo's. Haunting!

A fellow Sheffield blogger, blogging about Sheffield. What's not to like!? Here's she's talking about the ever wonderful Abbeydale road which is a major part of the antiques quarter and has some really lovely vintage shops. 


God damn! These jeans! In fact this whole outfit is just something else. I wish I could afford these jeans. They look awesome with the braces and the striped top and that hat is the cherry on top!

Pink To Make The Boys Wink by Sade at In My Sunday Best

Technically this isn't a post from the last week, but I only discovered it this week so that's good enough for the weekly favourites! Besides, if you're wearing an outfit as gorgeous as this, time doesn't matter at all. What can I even say about this outfit. It is simply perfection and I love it. You should definitely check out her others too.

On Top Of The Mountain by Tina at Worteinbildern

I used to go out into the wilderness on my own a lot when I was younger. So when I see photo's like these it makes my heart happy! Tina's blog is full of gorgeous photography.


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