Saturday, 14 June 2014

Snapshots from May 2014

 What's going on here then:

 I finally bought myself the Stay Gold Mary Rose necklace that I love, as well as a vintage art nouveau brooch.

Been enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, let's hope it does.

Rising early and getting out there :) work :(

A bit of blog planning

Visiting old colleagues and feeling like I never left.

...and these guys too! Speaking of dogs, since I've (as far as they see it) abandoned them, I've decided to advertise myself as a dog walker! It stems from 50% missing them and 50% a genuine love of dogs. Hopefully I'll get some interest, check out my profile.

Getting back into the swing of things by going for a little drive out into the Peaks. Stopped to say hello to these lovelies. Also went for ice cream at the Our Cow Molly farm!
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And finally, the old 'do. Now that I've got my heart set on chopping it all off I kind of can't wait. To the point where I'm treating it badly because I know it's going soon. I've also decided to let the colour grow out for a change and am really enjoying seeing the roots coming along. Watch this space, shouldn't be long now!


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