Friday, 9 October 2015

My Outfits #1: Solemn, Sombre, Grave + Serious

Old West

Old West by saltdeep featuring how to wear ankle boots

1. This planter hat of mine, I love it but it's really cheap. I bought it last year for Halloween and intend to wear it this year too (I'm going to be a dead Texan). I really would love a good quality planter with a flat crown.
2. This is one of two white shirts that I have and both are Gok Wan. I got this one primarily for the fact that it's collarless. I've got a thing for collarless shirts, especially on men.
3. My high waisted black jeans from Topshop are a little less black than they used to be! Very over worn but really create a good contrast to a white shirt.
4. I currently have in my possession but not in these photos, a long black blazer. It's my mother's and she's had it for about 15 years. She bought it specifically for a funeral. I love it and I think I may wear it for Halloween too.
5. Good old Timberland boots never let me down!
6. You can't really tell in the photos but I've got a dark burgundy nail varnish on. I'm digging dark colours at the moment. Must be Autumn.
7. A deep, dark lipstick finishes this look off perfectly, I've recently discovered what a difference there is between wearing just lipstick and wearing lip liner and lipstick. Canny believe it.

Ps Happy Birthday to John Lennon

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