Saturday, 3 October 2015

Life Lately: October '15

Wow, crikey it's been a while! Kind of dropped off the radar a bit there didn't I?! I realise there have been a fair few Project 365's that I've missed since being back from our holiday and instead of trying to back date them all I'm going to bundle them into a 'Life Lately' post - I've not done one of these since just before moving into our first flat!

We had a charity bike ride at work (something I had to recruit everyone for as the 'Great Place To Work' rep) and well only me, Nia and the manager from our store actually did it so that shows how persuasive I am. Oh well, there were loads more from other stores doing it and it ended up being a really fun ride. I could get into it.

I've been busy knitting socks and putting them in my Etsy shop. Even though it's October it's actually been quite warm recently but we're still definitely in knit season! Here are a few of them from Schooner House. Check them out, I'd love to hear what you think.
We had a Macmillan coffee morning at work the other week and it was glorious. It was only for us colleagues rather than for customers too so there was loads of cake for days!

The whole family was invited round to my brother's house recently for what ended up being one hell of a family day as you can see! These are all my brothers and cousins and their wives and kids.

Look what a kind person from our neighbourhood was giving away! We had to recruit some friends to help us move it, one woman with a van and after taking two doors completely out of their frames we finally got it in. It's a bit out of tune but hell, it sounds good to me. I've actually been writing a lot lately and have so far conjured up two songs that I'm actually really happy with. I think I'm gonna go and record them when they're ready. 

That's pretty much all I can remember of what's happened since we've been back from Italy. If you didn't see our holiday photo's they're here and here. Other than that we've both just been working. I'm currently the baker as our permanent baker is off having reconstructive knee surgery and to be honest I'd rather be him than have to deal with ravenous students during a bloody cookie promotion! It's chaos trying to keep up!


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