Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Creative Directory: Rich Banks

In a sentence:
Absolutely exquisite, point perfect and HAND DRAWN illustrations by a freelance artist from my old home city.
Sample the goods:

Did I mention they're hand drawn? Can you imagine the time and patience and hand eye coordination these must take? Incredible!  
You may not be able to see from these photos, you can on the last one, but a lot of the shading has been done by a technique called stippling which is a way of creating degrees of solidity by using individual dots. Lots and lots of dots. I wont waffle on about how he does it, I'll let you read for yourself over on his blog.
He's an artist in residence at Bar Lane Studios in York along with my sister. I went to the open day there a year or two ago and saw his pictures up close. It really is astounding to see just how perfect they are, even after being screen printed.
Such a talent, from good old York!
Where you can find him: 

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