Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Project 365: Week 19

Hello again! I've been away for a while due to moving house and having no internet (which isn't due for another week). We're all moved in now after one hell of a time. We've gone from a one bedroom flat into a three bedroom house and have acquired, in one day, enough furniture to fill it. So that was a job and half getting it all in. But fortunately its all in now and looks great! I'll be taking photos and showing you around once everything's in it's place.
For now though, here's the latest week of the project 365. I'm gonna have to accept that Week 18 is a write off and is lost forever. I just can't deny that I didn't take a photo everyday when all I was doing was packing and moving! Sigh.
Day 121: The first meal cooked in the new house, homemade asparagus pizza.
Day 122: Been out on those beautifully solitary hills again. 

 Day 123: Work has begun on a new art project. I'll be needing to borrow my mum's calligraphy pens.
Day 124: This is the art room in the new place. It's our third bedroom up in the attic and has been freshly painted all white before we moved in. It was bright yellow before but I do like the white, it feels like I've got my own art studio! It's gorgeous. 
 Day 125: Went for brunch with Neil and Alex at Craft and Dough at Kelham Island. Very nice apart from the overly nonchalant waiter. 
 Day 126: I don't know what it is about roots but I love them. There's just something about seeing your own, pure, untouched, undamaged, true hair colour. Mine are coming along nicely!
Day 127: Went to Burbage Valley again. I'm getting back into it now! Nikki says I'm "made of tough stuff" and am going to do "great fell running things" haha!

See you next week (if I can find some internet!)

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