Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Project 365: Week 17

Day 107: What's this? I actually cooked a meal for the first time in like, a year?! Lovely little puff pastry triangles with spinach and feta.
Day 108: Went out for cocktails and a catch up with some of the girls from work and had a really nice night.

Day 109: Went round for tea at Nikki's which is always a joy. She made a really good cheesy vegetabley 'cheesecake'. Beautiful!  
Day 110: The other day I went out with the intention of running the Burbage Valley route in the Peaks. I got it completely wrong and ended up wading through the bracken in a terrible mood. Not to worry though because Nikki took me out there again and showed me the right way to go. It's actually a really nice trail! Any runners or cyclists out there on Strava? You can follow me here
Day 111: Ben's been baking bread again. This one has meat and cheese in!
Day 112: "Toby wants to taste duckling." A photo my mum sent from a dog walk, haha!

Day 113: And finally, our last day in this flat. It's been a great year but I can't bloody wait to move into the next one (an actual house!) The place is absolutely strewn with boxes so here's a nice photo from when we first moved in. You can see the post I did about it here

Have a good week, my next post will be from our new house which I'll be sure to give you a tour of in time!

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