Monday, 26 January 2015

Exploring Padley Gorge

I've been wanting to go to Padley Gorge since the summer when I saw someone's photo that made it look like an absolute wonderland. We're both born tree climbers, that's pretty much all we did from being 12 to about 18 years old. So this was the perfect place for us.
It's in the Peak District just outside the border of Sheffield and has the beautiful Burbage Brook running through it. It was such a good day for it too. Sunshine and blue skies and even some lingering snow on the ground, as if it isn't picturesque enough.

We got wrapped up, took a backpack full of snacks and headed off into the valley!

It was such a cool place. It's worth seeing if you're ever in the area, Beth loved it! 

The majority of photos were taken with the Canon Powershot G12 and the last few were from the Konica Minolta.

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