Sunday, 2 November 2014

Snapshots from October 2014

Hello November! Let us reminisce..

Oh God yeah, that 10k I did. Go me! Haven't actually run since then, oops.

Pretty pumpkins and squashes in at Sharrow Marrow.

I stopped working, got my phone and went outside to take this photo which, as lovely as it is, doesn't do it justice. Sky photos never do, do they!? But it was wonderful!

Visiting Beth in Loughborough where we recorded a whole album of terrible covers!

We ventured into Nottingham to see a poetry reading that neither of us were really moved by, too modern for us.
We saw some cool things while we were walking around though, check out the lovely Art Nouveau on that building and the big weird dish!
Also, Beth has this really cool plant on her kitchen window sill. It's a False Shamrock and in the daytime it's purple petals open out and then fold back into little triangles at night. So cool.

Re stocked my cards in their little box in Bird's Yard in town. Check 'em out.

Mum had the big 61. 10th of the 10th at 10 past 10!

At last! Parsnips are back in which means homely parsnip soup on a cold evening.

Got all the decorations up!

..and made some new ones!

And finally, Halloween itself. I was going to go as Pat Garrett but it turns out the event we went to had a '40's theme with a halloween twist'. Oh my it was amazing, such a good night. A bunch of us got bee-hived (not very 40's but oh well) and went to a secret gig to see Rob Heron And The Tea Pad Orchestra. These guys blew me away. Pokey LaFarge meets Blind Willie McTell and they looked the part too!

You should definitely check them out.

In Other News

I'm going to arrange an induction at the Sheffield Print Club when I've got a free weekend. I've got loads of ideas for prints I want to do so I'll hopefully get going with that this month.

Hope you've had a grand time too!


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