Wednesday, 5 November 2014

It's Cold Out There

A new coat has been well over due for a while now. I was looking for one over summer but thought it was too early to get one as I may have changed my mind about it or seen a better one by the time coat weather came around. I don't know why I thought that actually seeing as I'm the kind of person who has one coat for about 3 or 4 years. I usually keep one until it falls to bits or I grow to hate it.

So here's my lovely, snuggly new one from Miss Selfridge. I'm showcasing it with my vintage style shorts (it's not a skirt!) from Miss Patina which I nabbed off Ebay. Miss Patina is one of those brand's that I think is really me. They've got loads of lovely pieces.
The tunic/shirt you've seen before here.

And finally, the beret is officially out and about for winter!

PS - slightly blonder?!

Top - H&M old
Shorts - Miss Patina old

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