Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Snapshots from September 2014

Well where the hell did September go? It seems like it was only just the height of summer and yet somehow we're all of a sudden talking about Christmas!? 

Anyhoo here's a roundup of September's snapshots..

Went on a really foggy run on Blacka Moor. Very eerie, perfect conditions to be murdered in. Safe to say I ran fast. You can see my activity on Strava.

Terribly naughty snacks.

Had a blast at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, thanks Ben! You can see what I got up to on day one, two and three.

Transformed a man's shirt into a ladies vest top more on that soon.

Discovered a very stylish new bar/restaurant/deli in town called Anchorage with the girls from work. You should check it out!

And lastly another shot from another run at Blacka Moor, on a much clearer day.

One more thing!
Guys, big news. My cards can now be found in Bird's Yard in the city centre! Yeah! They've got loads of cool quirky things in there, you should go in and have a look and buy my cards!!

Some more good news, I've had my days swapped at work so for the first time in 4 years I no longer work Sundays! Woo I have the weekends off like normal people!

And lastly, I've seen so many projects that other bloggers have been doing that look so fun and inspiring, so I've been looking for some that I can do. So starting in October I'm gonna do the weekly colour project. Pretty self explanatory, each week you have to photograph different things of one colour. You can challenge yourself to think outside the box and improve your photography skills.

I'd love to hear suggestions of other projects to start! :)


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