Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Don't Bin It, Snip + Trim It!

I stopped by at The Crowded House last week with Claire to get our snip and trim on!

It was the clothes up-cycle evening I mentioned recently and it was this shirt that I took with me. I had a right fun time, it was just like being in textiles class at school again - except with people I like! 
Surprisingly I still remembered mostly how to do everything like threading the machine and putting the darts in. After about 7 years of no sewing I thought that was quite good!

I should probably mention now that I actually didn't finish mine. Damn, nevermind. 
I still want to share with you all what I did manage to get done. Basically what we were doing was taking a man's shirt and turning it into a top for a woman. Oh and stuffing our faces with lemon tart too.

I just need to finish adding the bias binding and I should be done. Ooh that reminds me, my sister has a sewing machine I'll be able to use.

All in all it was a really nice night. Everyone was so helpful and friendly and now I wish I had a sewing machine of my own. I'd never have to throw away clothes ever again, I'd just make it into something new! 

Now to continue on with it! 

Anyone else a dab hand with a needle and thread?

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