Thursday, 16 October 2014

Halloween Decorations Are Up!

I should probably be a tad embarrassed about how much I've been looking forward to putting up the Halloween decorations, how I cracked a smile as I was walking down the street after work when I remembered what I could finally do when I got in. Apparently though, I know no shame. I just wanted to decorate!! I mean, come on, who doesn't love decorating for Halloween?
Some of you guys must surely be anticipating it too - don't think I'm not waiting to see yours! I'd probably steal your ideas too if I hadn't already over done it. Only joking - there's no such thing as over doing it when it comes to adorning a living room with tack, haha!

Nah, some of it is tack, but it's always been a tradition with me and mum to put these decorations up - and to keep doing so until they've died a death, no pun intended! So yeah, they are a bit crinkly, dusty and everything came out of the box as one big tangled mass thanks to the fake cobwebs, but that's what makes them. And it's all part of the tradition to spend the first half an hour untangling! Even the big fake spider had a big real web all across it which made me smile. How appropriate! I kept it on obvs. 

There are a few handmade ones that me and Ben painted I think... three years ago. Crikey that's gone fast. I really love the skeletons on the prairie one that Ben did. There's something a bit haunting about it. Oh and I love the munchkin pumpkins on the bookcase, I just bought those today. So cute!

All I need now is the big pumpkin. I'll get that nearer the date though.

Hope you're all enjoying this time of year too, don't forget to put yours up!


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