Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Weekend Away

A change of plan for today's post. I was supposed to be showing you that I'm now a gleaming pearl white blonde but alas, I'm not. Well, that's not true, I am blonde, just not the pearl blonde I had planned to be. Thanks undyable hair!! I didn't have this problem when I went ginger all those times!

Sigh, I realise what the problem is. I daren't do a diy bleach job so I'm just dying it multiple times with various L'Oreal shades of blonde because I've convinced myself it's a better idea to gradually go blonder rather than to suddenly one day have near-white hair. I don't know that my hair agrees with me probably why it's refusing to change. So far I've dyed it three times in the last nine days so I'm gonna give it time to recover and do it all again in a week or so! It's gonna be a looong time before I'm the pearl blonde I want to be. Since you last saw my hair, it's been dyed Natural Light Blonde, then Light Beige Blonde and finally Lightest Pearl Blonde. Here's the result:

I suppose it's getting there. Not quite pearl blonde yet though! Hah, I'll reckon I'll put that Pearl one on again a few more times to gradually get there. Jesus, and this was all meant to save money by not going to the hairdressers! I'll let you know when I'm a pearly queen!

Kind of went off on a tangent then. I am in fact here to share some photo's of my weekend at mum's for her birthday.

foggy mornings

walking dowgs

ghostly motorways

more dowgs

mother and me

and finally more dowgs!

Hope you've all had a good weekend and I'd appreciate your opinions on how to go blonde, I know a lot of you are hair experts so come on let's have it!


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