Friday, 10 October 2014

Charlotte Goes Running: Cusworth 10k

My God was I scared when I woke up Sunday morning and my God was I tired Sunday night.

But it wasn't scary after all, it was totally worth it!

The Cusworth 10k that is. Woo yeah I did it!! This is what I've been training for all last month. Guys, it was so fun and surprisingly not half as tough as I was expecting it to be - I didn't stop once! I've always had to stop and walk for a bit on my training runs at Blacka Moor in The Peaks, but on Sunday I just hoped for the best and it happened.

Here are some photo's from it. Be warned, they're oh so flattering.

Ooh here I come!..

I'm so glad to have done it and glad it's over now. But seriously it was so elating to have people cheer for you as you finish and I'm really pleased with my time of 1:04!

You can see more of my sporting activities on Strava.

So come on, how many of you guys are runners? Let's be Strava friends!

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