Friday, 6 June 2014

Food Friday #1

I was thinking recently about what this blog is all about. Me, what I like and what I've been up to, with a sprinkle of fashion here and there. I realised though that there is quite a significant part of my day to day life that is wholly neglected here.

FOOD! The fruits of Ben's labour!
I'm lucky enough to have someone so passionate about it who cooks for me. Ethics and quality are paramount. Also, we live in a lovely area right near Sharrow Vale Road which for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is a street that is the equivalent of one big shop.  A very traditional and somewhat archaic way of shopping. We get meat from the butcher, fish from the fishmonger, veg from the grocery shop (which Ben works at) etc. Ben being Ben, friend of everyone with the most friendly, personable way about him, has got to know most of the shop owners on this stretch. This usually results in a few treats thrown in here and there. There's such a nice community feeling there, with produce being shared among the shops.

Anyway, I have amassed some foody photos from the past week or two that Ben and I have enjoyed. I hope they spark some enthusiasm for cooking in you lot and hopefully inspire you to try some of these dishes! Enjoy!

 Starting with the all time best breakfast spread.

Guinness is my drink so I like to try different stouts occasionally. Ben brought this one home for me, it's not unlike Guinness, just very bitter.

 Spinach frittata and salad!

Chilli squid rings and homemade meatballs with pasta and secret recipe tomato sauce direct from a little Italian grandma.

Seriously good baked vanilla cheesecake from Marmadukes Cafe.

We love us some stuffed aubergines in this house!

I was forced to eat this as a snack while it was sunny - I would have chosen the cheesecake.

We've been having a lot of homemade houmous with pitta bread recently. Oh and this drink is so good. It's lemon juice and elderflower cordial topped up with ginger beer - and a whole lot of mint!

Last but not least, homemade granola with pecans, pumpkin seeds and almonds which came about simply because shop bought granola is just so expensive!


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