Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cafe Hopping With A Physicist

So yesterday was the much anticipated and not at all dreaded (and that's no lie!) MOT and service day for my little car! I was genuinely quite excited about it as it's my first ever car and so the first time I've had to do it. Luckily it was payday too so not too much to worry about, especially since my mum, an expert haggler, was there. She really pushed this young guy, who was obviously new to the job (and looked a lot like Rico Rizzo). Poor thing, his hands were shaking!

After that I headed into town to meet up with Rebecca, formerly of Sainsbury's, for a day of cafe hopping.
We went to The Attic and had tea and cake. I had such a nice orange and lemon cake.
I love The Attic and I love introducing people to it. It's right at the top of the building so it has lovely views of King's Square. It's got a really relaxed atmosphere and what's especially good is that they're serious about making the best quality coffee, so it's nothing like Starbucks.
Next we stopped in at our usual hang out, The Vanilla Cafe. A very cute, twee tea room with lovely blossom trees outside that are not quite in bloom at the moment, in a great setting right outside the Minster.


The best news today though was Rebecca's 3rd year exam results which were 3 starred firsts. I didn't even know it was possible to get a starred first! I think that's pretty much as well as you can do. She's doing Physics at York, and it was she who got me interested enough to read A Brief History of Time.
She was ecstatic, she's definitely gonna ace university!

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