Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Crowden Clough

Last week Ben and I both had a day off together, which now that I'm a store supervisor, (not sure if I've mentioned that yet) can be few and far between.
So anyway, Monday turned out to be such a beautiful day! Blue skies and even a warm sun. Too nice not to be out in the Peak District!
We drove out to Hathersage to Coleman's Deli to stock up on sandwiches and mini cannolis and then continued further out. We parked in Crowden and began walking. The views of the tors were amazing!

Soon enough we found ourselves stood before the gorgeous open valley of Crowden Clough. We walked and walked, nearly to the end. On the higher points there was still snow on the ground.

I say 'nearly to the end' because after a while my feet were killing me so I laid down on this flat rock and had a rest while Ben carried on to the top. It was lovely to lie in the sun with just the sound of flowing water and knowing that there's no one around for miles - and just look at that view!


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