Monday, 7 April 2014

Life Lately: Update

Well have I got news for you lot. Rather sooner than expected, Ben and I have secured ourselves a flat in Sheffield! Also the Agency we've gone through is called Cactus so obviously it was meant to be. Ha! This all came about recently as I managed to get myself a store transfer with Sainsbury's. Seeing as vacancies don't come up all that often, when one did come up that was a few more hours than I do now, I decided I had to take it. It's not so bad moving a few months earlier anyway, it just means our summer adventures can begin sooner!
It's a lovely ground floor flat in a period building with a cellar and a garden. I'm already planning big gatherings in the garden for this summer! I'm so excited, I can't wait to move in at the beginning of May. I'm just not looking forward to my last shift and leaving do in York. I fear many tears will be shed - all mine! I'm a sentimental old fool, any hint of poignancy just sets me off, and it's definitely going to be the end of an era when I leave my Monks Cross store.

Anyhoo here are some more updates of what I've been up to lately from Instagram:

Visiting the Botanical Gardens with Ben
Silky Soft lovelies
Scotch Pancakes for breakfast

Ben being featured in New Orleans online magazine Propaganda about how to dress with style!
Carvers used to cut up the Jubilee Ox in Harrogate's Pump Room Museum
A tired Toby
Gorgeous flowers again from the Botanical Gardens.


  1. That's great news! Sometimes a store transfer is a simpler way than having to find a completely new job, supermarkets can be quite accommodating like that.

    Nom nom nom at those pancakes too!

  2. awww yea, congrats on getting an apartment!! that's always super exciting stuff. and your pictures were so fun to look through- toby is super adorable :D

    xo marlen
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