Sunday, 10 January 2016

Month To View

Here it is - my new love. I owe a lot to this little planner, it's the only reason I've actually been getting shit done since I got it. 
One of my goals for this year was to be more organised so there's at least one I'll be sticking to. It's not year specific so when I got it I went through the whole thing writing in the days and dates and I'm not ashamed to say that nothing was bringing me more joy. Well, maybe the addition of the stationery goody bag Ben got me for Christmas!

There's a month to view section which is my favourite. It's so convenient to see the whole month in one go. The other main section is weekly where I write in more detail the tasks I've got to do each day and it's a very good feeling to tick things off a to do list.

Planner from Dubu Dumo
Thank You notecards, ribbon, stickers and washi tape from Paperchase.


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