Saturday, 16 January 2016

Fargo Feels

There's a new vintage clothes store that's recently opened in York called Chinese Laundry and God damn it's all killer. We went to York last month to do our Christmas shopping for everyone and ended up spending something like £118 in this shop just on ourselves. My eye was immediately drawn to this coat because of the colour - you know I love me some rust! Anyway, as soon as I realised it was also suede I was friggin' having it regardless of price.
Ben got a gorgeous coat too and some really nice checked shirts. There were other things I was actually gonna buy too until I remembered we were there to buy for other people so I put them back.

I call it my Fargo coat because I feel pretty '70's North Dakota in it. Oh and a nice touch was that deep in one of the pockets was an old US cent. 
It was a seriously good shop, you should check them out. They're on Facebook and Instagram.

Ps. Did you watch the 2nd season of Fargo? How handsome is Angus Sampson!?


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