Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Project 365: Week 31

Day 206: Oh my God this was so amazing! We went back to York for Ben's parents big birthday bash. By big I mean about 60 people. Our friend Mattia asked me to bring my banjo so we could perform a few songs however he didn't tell me he was gonna take on a whole new persona as Lil' Matty Foo Foo in Cripple Creek Charlie's Bluegrass Band!! It was so funny and I'd say we put on quite a good performance too!

Day 207: The next morning I was catching hover flies on all the flowers in their garden. These little guys just let you pick them up!

Day 208: Ben went out to do a 100 mile ride and therefore was out for hours. I was left alone to fend for myself so this happened. (I sent him this picture to try to lure him back).

Day 209: Have you ever seen a picture that just completely reflects who you feel you are in your soul? I found mine!

Day 210: Saw these gorgeous pots in Ora on Sharrow Vale Road. I've recently converted our attic room into a bedroom and I think this would look really good up there. Also, Alex if you're reading this they totally match that jumper you have!

Day 211: I'm considering a change of career and so have been reading up on the subject.

Day 212: Haha, as soon as I saw this I sent it to my mum. So true!


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