Friday, 17 July 2015

Project 365: Week 28

Whoopsie daisy I missed this post last week and even this one's a little late! Better get on with it then...

Day 185: There's a plant outside our house that was absolutely covered in these Cinnabar moth caterpillars! So cute, yet so poisonous.

Day 186: Walked through some long grass just once and this happens!

Day 187: Awww dayum! Been to see my old pal Beth in Loughborough. It's funny, the whole twelve years we've known each other we always seem to do the same things when we hang out. We're either climbing trees or making music. There'll be a post on this soon.

Day 188: The next day we went out into the Loughborough backwoods for an adventure for old times sake. 

Day 189: Tomato risotto a la Beth as our parting meal.

Day 190: I can't believe I've only just discovered this album. It's got some really beautiful alternate versions of some of my favourite Dylan songs on, especially this one.

Day 191: My latest embroidery ready to be framed. Man oh man that border took ages!

Hope you're enjoying summer so far!


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