Thursday, 1 January 2015

Snapshots from December 2014

Happy New Year folks! I brought in the new year in my friend Nikki's kitchen/dancefloor with much wine and merriment! Hope you all enjoyed last night too.

Time to say fare thee well to December..

Writing my Christmas cards was a serious, sit down business plus it's a great excuse to use my stickers and stamps!

Go Christmas shopping for people and come back with two new cacti for myself!

Found my beloved vintage bike Bobby in my mum's shed.

Love to see this sticker on my parcels! I love Letter C Design. This was my new calendar.

Met up with Alex for lunch at Couch and tried the new micro pub which had a really nice fireplace... and beer.

Had a brilliant Christmas dinner with family. It was hosted this year by my brother and his girlfriend who just so happen to have got engaged this morning! Yay wedding bells!

...complete with flaming pud!

We went on boxing day to stay at Ben's parent's for the weekend up in the North Yorkshire countryside. It was a lovely dry, sunny day when we left and then the day after we hear on the news people abandoning cars in Sheffield because the snow was so bad! Crazy! I took this photo from his bedroom window one frosty morning.

Then when we got back, I went and stupidly parked on a very steep hill and got the car stuck there,(where it's been for the last four days!) So subsequently I've been walking to work in the mornings. The upside though is that I get to walk through a frosty wonderland where berry bushes are all glittery!

I'm really looking forward to what's in store in 2015. I've got a feeling it's gonna be a good one!


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