Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Five Favourite Reads

In my real life, outside of the internet, I've noticed myself telling people about certain things I've read here and there and a lot of them are from blog posts I've read. How to style such and such, ideas on making things, lots of beautiful interior design ideas etc. So I thought why not share with everyone on here too, you may even discover a new favourite blog. Let's all get to know each other!

So here they are, my five favourite reads this week or so...

Cup North by Claire at Dap and Drink

My friend and sewing buddy Claire is your go-to girl if you're a beer loving coffee enthusiast. She's sampling her way through the Sheffield coffee scene and treats us to her findings on her blog Dap and Drink. This post is from the day she visited the coffee festival Cup North.

Nina Discovers London by Olivia at What Olivia Did

I absolutely love power dressing. Who doesn't? I also love to see it done well by other people. This is one hell of a killer outfit and looks v. cool on Olivia.

Sirens Swimwear Part 3 by Kayla at Gracefully Vintage

I so nearly bought one of these swimming costumes after seeing it on Kayla. Look how nice it is! I had to stop and remind myself that I haven't actually been swimming for about three years and am not likely to any time soon. There's also a part one and two.

Around The House by Kim at Kibster Vintage

Now this is a blog I've only recently discovered. It's where I found that lovely mug I put on my Christmas wish list. This Around the House post is a recurring thing and shows off some really gorgeous vintage gems.

No One Should Stand Alone by Rachel-Marie at Jag Lever

Another killer outfit if e'er I saw one! How cool is this look? I love it - very Olivia Jean! The bold colours work so well.


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