Saturday, 2 August 2014

Snapshots from July 2014

Cute stickers, you'll be the death of me! I found the loveliest little kitchen stickers (along with a whole stack of others) plus a stamp. Now everyone will find my birthday cards to them even more insufferable, hah!

Stink bug! Found this little guy in the middle of the pavement and quickly proceeded to drop everything in pursuit of him. It was even harder to snap him in focus - he was fast!

Opened my Etsy shop Schooner House and finally put my cards up for sale. If I'd written a list of goals for this year, this would be a major one I could cross off now. I'm so happy to finally be sharing my work. Got some new designs going in soon too!

Now that's some gooood eatin'.


Also, I made a lemon meringue pie that was actually successful! I can't believe how good it was. It was the practise run for the one I'm gonna make for our anniversary gathering later this month.

My well known love of cacti seems to know no limits. The collection has grown with the latest one (a gift from mum) being the cutest, tiniest little thing. It's practically polka dotted!
Also new is the antique 'kakteen' print that got lost in the mail for 4 months.
And finally, my sister went on holiday to Tenerife which is apparently covered in them. "You'd have been in cactus heaven Charlotte." She brought us back some marmalade made from their fruit, prickly pears!

The heatwave we've had this month has been amazing, not like English weather at all. With all that's gone off in the city - The Tour De France, Tramlines festival etc - I've been outside a hell of a lot and my favourite post from this month is from one of those outdoors days:

A Mini Ramble

Hope you've all had a brill July too. If you want to see more you can follow me on instagram


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