Monday, 2 May 2016

Life Lately

I seem to go long periods of time without buying clothes and then suddenly I'll get the bug for it and spend loads, on either a few pieces or one expensive one. This is a case of spending a lot on one blouse but for goodness sake it's a work of art! Look!

I think I mentioned a while ago that I've taken a slight change of direction in terms of my job. I decided to move up and become a store supervisor. This means I've moved from the store I was at to a new one as it's best to train with people who don't know you. However someone at this store does know me, my old colleague and drummer Ben! We used to work at the same store a few years ago before he got moved on (they move you a lot). Woo work is fun again!
Ps we don't actually wear baseball caps at work!!

You may or may not have heard of London Road in Sheffield. If you haven't, gather round and let me tell you a tale... It's a magical place which consists of what must be one restaurant from every country in the world. Above all else though, it's home to about four different dessert cafes. DESSERT CAFES. I recently went to one in particular, La Creme, with Ellie and Rabia and just oh my God. I had Ferrero Roche waffles for Christ's sake!

Me and Beth playing muuusic! We recently discovered there's already a band called Marble Orchard so we're currently racking our brains for something new. No luck yet haha. In other news though, we will be performing at Leicester Town hall on June 18th in support of Refugee week. Come on down if you're in the area!

Our friend Sion randomly turned up at our house the other week with a plank of wood and some bricks and fashioned a little bench for us outside our front door. It's lovely and it gets so much sun, so much so that I got sunburned legs from sitting out. Damn.

This is a photo I stole from Ben's Instagram of him at work for no other reason than he's just so cute in his baker outfit!

When you're listening to Knocky and Knocky texts you. #1 fan yo!

We were informed by our mate Nikki that there was a sheep carcass out in the Peaks with a perfectly intact skull with massive horns so we went out on a bone collecting expedition last weekend. Unfortunately though, someone had got there before us :/ Nevermind there's bound to be more sooner or later, these sheep can't live forever!
Also, still swooning over beardy Ben...


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