Friday, 3 July 2015

Florence + Me

As you know from my recent post about York, I met up with my old school friend, and one of my best mates Florence. I haven't seen her since she stopped over for a night just after my birthday in February. It was just after I'd had food poisoning and was still feeling a bit crappy so we didn't end up going anywhere or having any adventures.
This time though, all was well and the sun was shining on us. We were together again in York, just like the good old days. I can't believe it was 10 years ago that we were first hanging out in York.

We went for lunch at the Evil Eye on Stonegate where we sat, ate and listened to each others troubles. It's a really cool place, we used to always end up there at some point during a night out in York. It's very colourful and bohemian and very dark at the same time. It even has big wooden four poster beds in the room.


Afterwards we caught the bus, the old Selby 415, to Barlby where she's back living with her parents at the moment and where I lived for six years during high school.
Everything was such a blast from the past. Being on the 415, seeing Barlby and how little it's changed, Florence's house itself! Her house is my all time favourite. I thought I had a lot of house plants but her mum and dad are on the next level! Everything is so colourful and bright, some walls are bright green, some are blue. One room has a bright yellow floor which I love! It was just so good to be back.


We went to sit in the garden where she showed me her two new guinea pigs, Thunder (balls) and Lightning.

It was so strange to be back in a place I lived for so long but hadn't seen for about five years. She and her dad Mick gave me a lift back up to York to get my train. He's really cool too, he's a big Dylan Thomas fan like me and we always end up talking about blues music or Bob Dylan.
I can't wait to plan more with Florence soon, she's going back to visit her friends in California for three months in October so hopefully there'll be some summer adventures to be had!


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