Friday, 13 February 2015

It's My Birthday!: 20 Facts About Me

Well hello! Happy Birthday to me, I'm flippin' 24 years old! This morning has been great so far. I've sat, drank tea, watched tv and opened cards and presents. Unfortunately Ben's present has been delayed so it hasn't arrived yet :( but after teasing me with "I had to make a lot of calls" and "there aren't many in the country" he's finally told me what it is :)
                                   ...I'll let you all see it when it's actually here though!

For now, I'm just chilling with more tea while Ben slaves in the kitchen making us french toast with bacon and maple syrup. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few facts about me with you all. My birthday seems like a pretty good time let you get to know me a little more and I've included the good the bad and the ugly! I always like reading these kinds of posts by other people. So here you go!

1. I prefer to go to the cinema on my own.

2. I have a thing for older men. Cough Mike Ehrmantraut Cough.

3. When we were eleven, me and my best friend loved The White Stripes so much that we vowed to only ever wear red, white and black forever. I think we made it about two days.

4. Which leads me onto number four, Jack White was my first true love and will always be very dear to me!

5. When I was sixteen I was given a baby octopus to eat from the fish and chip shop. There was no way I was gonna eat him. I named him Jasper and kept him for years in a jar of vinegar. One day when I tried to put him in the car to take him on holiday I dropped him. The jar didn't smash but his body broke into several pieces. After the holiday my friend Florence and I held a funeral for him by the riverside and I threw him in.

6. I'm the youngest of five and there are twenty years between me and my eldest brother. So really, he's old enough to be my dad and my mum is old enough to be my grandmother.

7. I still don't really know what I want to do with my life.

8. When I was about nine or ten and used to hang out with the guys across the street, we used to play knock a door run and one time a man that we repeatedly targeted came out with a golf club and chased us. That's when I discovered I was good at running!

9. I used to smoke from being thirteen to about seventeen for no other reason than because it was 'cool'.

10. I'm planning on having the day off work when Bob Dylan dies.

11. I was delivered as an emergency caesarean when my mum took herself into hospital because she had a bad feeling about something.

12. Everyone in our family says I look more like my Aunty than my mum, even though they were identical twins and did really look the same. Weird.

13. I kind of, in some ways, hate going to concerts because of the obligation to dance and move and 'have a good time'...

14. ...I have been to some though, and Patrick Carney once put his arm around me. For the duration of a photo!

15. So far I've lived in 8 houses.

16. I'm pretty placid. I can't think of a time when I've ever really lost my temper and I've never been in a fight or thrown a punch - there's still time though!

17. Everyone always says I'm a dark horse. I don't think I'm that bad though.

18. If I see a worm on the pavement I have to pick it up and move it onto some soil or I'd feel terrible.

19. I have Raynauds Syndrome which is a fancy name for bad circulation in my fingers and toes. They're either bright red in the summer or purple in winter. Most days though, they just look like I've been dead for about six hours. They often steal the limelight in my outfit posts!

20. Speaking of dead bodies, I am fascinated by post mortem activity. I teach myself by reading about it and I would probably say there isn't a picture of a corpse on the internet that I haven't seen.
I think in another life I could have been a pathologist.

Have a good Valentine's tomorrow!


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