Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Mini Ramble

So a few days back we had a real sweet adventure. Quite spontaneous too, we both finished work early and just decided to go our exploring, just like I said I wanted to do more of.
We drove out down the country roads into the Peaks until I saw an intriguing little passage leading into a forest that we couldn't pass. So we parked and headed down into the forest. It was such a cool place. Lines and lines of perfectly straight trees leaving a sunlight dappled trail. The creaking noises they made were quite something too! I didn't realise how steep the trail was until on the way back (yikes, that burn!)

Further down the way the trail deposited us onto a street that turned out to be in Bakewell. We had some seriously good ice cream and just had a bit of a wander. It was very pretty, Bakewell, famous for it's tarts you know! I really felt like I was on holiday while walking around there, probably because that's the only time I ever really wear shorts (it's usually coat weather all year). It was a scorcher though! I even think my tan is coming through. My legs have gone from 'milky' to 'creamy'. Now that's what I call progress!


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