Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nail Stickers

If only I could have my nails painted all the time. That's how I'd have it if I could but unfortunately my work wont allow it. I know, it beggars belief! I'd love to do nail posts more regularly but for now it'll have to be just once in a while.
Anyway I had a few days off recently and so took the opportunity to wear my cactus nail stickers that I blogged about here.

How cute are these. I was debating whether to stick them onto an already painted nail which would have had to have been a light powder blue colour because all my greens would be too dark. I didn't think powder blue was right for them so I put them instead onto a plain nail. I've got a lot left out of the pack of 24 so I can experiment next time with colour.

They went on really easily, topped off with a few coats of clear varnish.

Side Note: I've been attempting to 'deal' with my cuticles recently and made a bit of a mess. I wasn't really sure if I was meant to be pushing them back or trying to remove them altogether. I ended up trying to remove them with the edge of nail scissors. I'd really appreciate some cuticle advice from all you tidy nail experts, I know you're out there!


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