Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Fine Hand

Of all the job titles I'd like to be able to apply to myself, Freelance Calligrapher sounds like a pretty fun one. I can't however claim to be one, my mother Sharon Ellor, on the other hand is exactly that! This skill, copperplate script calligraphy, is one she's perfected over the past five decades. I personally consider her to be perfect at it and I've been improving my own attempts in the last five years but compared to my mum....well I'm sure you'll be able to tell which photos are of my writing! She just never makes a mistake, even in the slightest. I hope with more practice I'll be as precise as her one day.

My poetry journal with quotes written by Sharon
 We usually refer to it as Victorian Copperplate Script but I think the terms are quite specific and are determined by things like the type and thickness of the nib. So really she has just an old fashioned, English handwriting.

'Mother' by E. A Allen written by Sharon

I have a journal that she gave me for Christmas a few years ago that I write all my favourite poems in. Not half full yet but I plan to hand it down to my children when I'm old! The first few in it are quite badly written but I can see as I go through that I'm improving with time!

some of my writing

Monograms are another thing she does really well. She's done a lot for different people and this one is the combination of B and C for Ben and Charlotte. I'd like to use it somehow in our wedding, maybe as a border for the invites?

 Lord knows I love curls and swirls!


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