Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Gillies Fabrics

Guys, are you seeing what I'm seeing? This place is amazing! It's Gillies Fabrics in York and it's an absolute wonderland of colour and texture. It's sew good guys and it seams to be the best darning haberdasheries ever! Ahem.
It's actually quite huge inside and around each corner are more tailoring treasures to discover. I was entranced by that wall of fabric for a good ten minutes.
I was in York a couple of weeks ago when I had my car serviced and was looking forward to coming in here only to be greeted by a big renovating sign! I was so gutted but it was worth the wait. I'll have to bring Alex here, she'd love it! We're due a sewing day and I certainly could do with the help.
Who knows of any other good fabric shops? 


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