Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Project 365: Week 20

Day 128: Most of the afternoons this week have been spent sitting outside which has been so nice. It's actually been quite hot! Ben's made a start on gardening, here he is getting the herbs in. He also found some pretty cute bugs for me.
Day 129: Alex's mum is pretty nifty on the old sewing front and makes these lovely rosebud pin cushions that you can wear on your wrist. She made this one for me and it just so happens to go perfectly with my nails!
 Day 130: Me and Alex went to check out the blacksmith fair that was on at the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

 Day 131: Meersbrook park hill is a nightmare to run up, it absolutely killed me! But when I got to the top and turned round, this view of the city made it all worth it.

Day 132: This is a snap I got of the neighbour's dog who will bark and coo at me if I do anything other than fuss it when I'm sat out on my front step.

Day 133: I came home from work the other day to find our front door had taken on a whole new look. I've always wanted a yellow front door and now we have one!

Day 134: It was Nathan's last day at work today, he's the baker. So for one last celebration he molded together loads of cookies to make a big ice cream cookie pie!!




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