Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I'm Moving!

Guys! I've decided to move over to Wordpress as many of us have. Doesn't it just look so much cleaner? However, I couldn't be bothered/lack the technical ability to 'export' everything over so I'm just starting afresh. New blog, new name, new everything.

I'm going through a bit of a transition in my life anyway, me and Ben are no longer together and I'm now subsequently living alone and so this is the perfect time to start again.

My new blog is called Hang It Up seeing as that's what I seem to be doing with every aspect of my life at the moment, and my first post was about a skull I collected from the Peak District recently and am currently cleaning.
I've not started with any kind of introductory post, I've just seamlessly transitioned straight into it. Again, what I do best in life! So this will be my last post from Salt Deep and I hope to see you over on the new one :)

If you're sweet enough to follow me on here you should head on over and follow me over there. We can still be friends!

Although, I really don't get Wordpress yet so leave me a comment with your blog address in so I can follow you from there!

Bye blogger, it's been fun


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