Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Creative Directory: Letter C Design

In a sentence:
The most delightfully charming designs created for those who love stationary aka all of us. Don't pretend you don't need stickers now.
Sample the goods:
kraft gift tags with white foil heart

24 arrow in white foil on natural wood pencils

2015 weekly planner sheets


It's no secret that I have a thing for stationary, an obsession you might say. I have more notebooks and stickers than I could ever hope to use and that's just how I like it. Several are from Cindy's collection too. In fact my blogging in 2014 was very organized and punctual thanks to my lovely monthly planner! I also have a kraft calendar and a personalized notebook.
There are so many things to swoon over from this shop and I really can't do it justice with just one blog post. There are several collections, all full of gorgeous bits and bobs that I really wish I could show you all at once but I can't so you must go have a good look for yourselves!
Oh and just as a cherry on the cake there's also a blog too. A lovely read, showing new designs and behind the scenes snapshots of what's going on! I'm sure you'll enjoy.


Where you can find them:

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