Thursday, 19 March 2015

Project 365: Week 11

 Day 65: A big hunk of focaccia with olives and potato and loads of other stuff in it aswell from Seven Hills Bakery.
Day 66: Handmade by my sister, this cool crocheted cactus brooch! It's a one off at the moment but if you really like it I'm certain she'd custom make one for you. Her Etsy shop is here.  

Day 67: As you've already seen I have firmly placed myself back in the ginger crew and had my bi-annual hair cut!

Day 68: Okay so polka dot dress was a write off, but I'm wiser going into my next project!

Day 69: I feel bad that I've only just got this framed and hung on the wall, six weeks before we move out, but I'm really glad it's up now. It's a housewarming gift from my friend Rebecca and it was made by her brother who's doing illustration at uni. Supporting independent artists oh yeah!

Day 70: Unfortunately the Friday hooping session has had to be cancelled so this weeks was the last one. It's been so much fun learning from Lizzy and it wont be the last time we hoop together I'm sure. She's pretty mesmerizing to watch (check her out in the vid below) and if you're in the Sheffield area and are looking to learn a new skill you should check her out.

Day 71: This hamper was brought back from Ben's parent's as a belated birthday present for me. It's full of lovely sewing things including a gorgeous pair of pinking shears.

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